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  • Providing continuing education for cancer researchers
    Providing continuing education for cancer researchers
  • Bringing doctors and scientists together
    Bringing doctors and scientists together
  • Improving the care of kids with cancer
    Improving the care of kids with cancer

Our Management

KCA’s Executive Management Group (EMG), comprising several of the state’s leading child cancer researchers and clinician-researchers, oversees the strategic direction and operations of the Alliance.

Professor Glenn Marshall (KCA Director)

KCA Director (responsible for overall research direction)

Prof Marshall is Head of the Centre for Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders at the Sydney Children's Hospital Network (SCHN) Randwick, and Head of Translational Research and Molecular Carcinogenesis at Children's Cancer Institute Australia (CCIA). He has a longstanding clinical and translational research focus on relapse detection by minimal residual disease testing in leukaemia, and the therapy of high-risk or relapsed leukaemia. His main preclinical research interests include investigating the mechanisms by which normal embryonal cells become cancerous, and improving the effectiveness of non-cytotoxic anti-cancer therapy in child cancer.

Prof Marshall has led several national and state professional groups aimed at improving clinical practice and increasing resources for clinical and translational research in cancer. He is a past President of the Australian and New Zealand Children’s Haematology and Oncology Group (ANZCHOG), and is currently co-chair of ANZCHOG ALL Study VIII, a clinical trial in children with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.
KCA Deputy Director (Randwick)

Dr Ziegler is a paediatric oncologist in the Centre for Child Cancer and Blood Disorders at the Sydney Children's Hospital Network (SCHN) Randwick, as well as a research scientist in the Experimental Therapeutics Program at Children’s Cancer Institute Australia. His current work focuses on the childhood brain cancers, malignant gliomas and medulloblastomas. As a clinician-scientist, Dr Ziegler’s primary research interest is in the translation of novel targeted therapeutics from the laboratory to the clinic. At SCHN Randwick, he has been instrumental in establishing an early phase clinical trials unit to facilitate such translation.
Dr McCowage has been a paediatric oncologist at the Sydney Children's Hospital Network (SCHN) Westmead since 1996. He has a particular clinical interest in neuro-oncology and sarcomas of bone and soft tissue. His current research involves gene transfer with haematopoietic stem cells, focusing on the development of clinical gene therapy trials. Dr McCowage is SCHN Westmead’s Principal Investigator for clinical trials of the international Children's Oncology Group, and is also involved in other clinical trials sponsored by industry and other consortia.
KCA Coordinator of work on molecularly targeted therapeutics, drug discovery, minimal residual disease detection, and molecular profiling

Prof Haber was appointed Executive Director of Children’s Cancer Institute Australia (CCIA) in 2003, having been a scientist at the Institute since its beginning in 1984. During the past 20 years, she has made a major contribution to Australia’s health and medical research effort in the field of child cancer. In particular, she is known nationally and internationally for her research on delineating mechanisms of resistance to anti-cancer drugs in the treatment of neuroblastoma, and in developing new approaches to improving the outcome of children diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. She has taken a leading role in pioneering high-throughput screening of chemical small molecule libraries for drug discovery in child cancer.

Prof Haber is the current President of the International Advances in Neuroblastoma Research Association. She was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia in 2007 for services to science, scientific education and the community. The following year, she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the UNSW for her service to the cancer research community.
KCA coordinator of Children’s Medical Research Institute groups and facilities involved in drug discovery

Prof Reddel has been Director of the Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) since 2007 and is a leading international expert in cancer cell immortalisation, for which he was recently inducted as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Sciences. Head of the Cancer Research Unit at CMRI, a major research interest is the development of telomerase inhibitor therapy for cancer.
Chair of KCA Biobanking Committee

A/Prof Byrne is Head of the Children’s Cancer Research Unit at the Kids Research Institute (Westmead), where she has been a molecular biologist since 1998. Her research focuses on the functions of amplification target genes overexpressed in multiple cancers, and the clinical significance of target gene overexpression. In 1995 she was responsible for identifying the tumour protein D52 gene, and she has since achieved a sequence of original discoveries.
Prof Claire Wakefield

Prof Claire Wakefield is a Professor in the Discipline of Paediatrics, School of Women’s & Children’s Health, UNSW Medicine and leads one of Australia’s largest psycho-oncology research groups - The Behavioural Sciences Unit, part of the Kids Cancer Centre at Sydney Children's Hospital.

Coordinator of clinical trials and late effects research work at SCHN Westmead.

Dr Dalla-Pozza is department head and a senior staff specialist of the Oncology Unit at The Children's Hospital at Westmead. A practicing paediatric oncologist since 1985, he has extensive experience in child cancer clinical trials. At SCHN Westmead he recently led the highly successful Phase III ALL Study 8, which showed that early intensification of therapy in patients at high risk of relapse from acute lymphoblastic leukaemia substantially improved the cure rate. A/Prof Dalla Pozza is Co-Chair for the ANZCHOG ALL Study 8, Chairperson of the New South Wales Cancer Institute (NSWCI) Child and Adolescence Specialty Sub Group, and a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee at SCHN Westmead.