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  • Providing continuing education for cancer researchers
    Providing continuing education for cancer researchers
  • Bringing doctors and scientists together
    Bringing doctors and scientists together
  • Improving the care of kids with cancer
    Improving the care of kids with cancer

Who We Are

Glenn Marshall KCA

"The Kids Cancer Alliance is an exciting and visionary initiative that will accelerate improvements in the survival rates and quality of life of children diagnosed with cancer in New South Wales and across Australia." Professor Glenn Marshall, KCA Director

The Kids Cancer Alliance (KCA) brings together leading doctors and scientists working in child cancer medicine and research across NSW, to improve the care of children with cancer.

KCA is the ultimate example of ‘bench-to-bedside’ medicine, taking new discoveries from their development in the laboratory, all the way though to their translation in the clinic.

The Alliance came about as a result of a move in 2010 by the Cancer Institute New South Wales to establish four ‘Translational Cancer Research Centres’ state-wide. KCA is the only one of those centres solely focused on child cancer.

Kids Cancer Alliance

KCA encompasses the three child cancer-focused medical research institutes and the three clinical care centres in the state of NSW, in partnership with two major universities who support their research efforts – the University of NSW and the University of Sydney

Our member medical research institutes include Children’s Cancer Institute Australia, Children’s Medical Research Institute, and the Kids Research Institute.  Our member child cancer care centres are Sydney Children’s Hospital, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead (which together make up the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network, SCHN), and John Hunter Children’s Hospital in Newcastle. Together, these hospitals treat more than 40% of Australia’s 600 newly diagnosed child cancer patients each year.

These institutes and child care centres combined employ more than 400 laboratory scientists and clinicians working on child cancer who, in the past five years alone, have published over 700 research papers in scientific and medical journals and been awarded in excess of $86 million in research funding.