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  • Providing continuing education for cancer researchers
    Providing continuing education for cancer researchers
  • Bringing doctors and scientists together
    Bringing doctors and scientists together
  • Improving the care of kids with cancer
    Improving the care of kids with cancer

For Families

All three clinical child cancer centres in New South Wales are part of the Kids Cancer Alliance (KCA). The care provided by these centres is the very best currently available worldwide.

Children and their families are also able to benefit from the latest developments in child cancer research by electing to participate in clinical trials of new anticancer drugs and technologies. More than 50% of children presenting for therapy in our child cancer centres are involved in Phase I, II or III clinical trials.

KCA helping families

KCA child cancer centres greatly appreciate the support of patient family members, who are among our strongest and most valued supporters.

Our care centres are able to provide comprehensive information about cancer and its treatment to the families of the children they treat. The centres may also suggest additional sources of information (such as those listed on their websites) and can refer you to relevant support organisations.

Below are links to some of the support organisations that provide services for the families of children with cancer in NSW.

Offers meetings, camps, education seminars and outings for young people affected by cancer – patients, siblings and offspring.
Phone: (02) 9007 0190

Camp Quality
Provides camping and other recreational activities for children with cancer (0-18 years).
Phone: (02) 9876 0500

Ronald McDonald House
Provides a range of programs to help seriously ill children and their families.
Phone: (02) 9007 0190

Cancer Council NSW - Support Forums
An online peer-support community for patients and survivors, their families and friends.
Phone: (02) 9334 1900